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Ardyce West is an author and Spiritual Practitioner for Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado. She
provides spiritual guidance and counseling for individuals and speaks to groups on many topics including
surrender, forgiveness, healing, women's issues, domestic abuse, death and dying, and grieving. She teaches
classes on the subject of healing, forgiveness and well-being, and has led workshops and chaired large
retreats for multi-faceted healing conferences.  For more information click the contact link below.
Through the art of storytelling and artistic expression,
Ardyce West shares through her writing and her workshops
the wisdom she gained from her two near-death experiences.  
She is an optimum blend of spirituality and transformation,
offering enjoyably creative self-empowerment workshops,
leaving those in attendance with many life-giving takeaways,
assisting others in living a full spectrum wholehearted life
through the brilliant guidance and intuition she provides for
individuals and groups. She also offers private client sessions
for transformative healing, life-enriching self-empowerment,
and spiritual development.  As an accomplished artist,
Ardyce has also conducted many art and jewelry workshops.
"Every now and then someone comes along whose light shines so brightly, one cannot help but sit up and
lean in - Ardyce West is such a light. Her gentle truth-telling and illuminating consciousness always makes
her an irresistible guest. It's always a pleasure to have her come to our center to speak, or to hold one of her
unique and compelling workshops. Every time she visits, even before she's out the door, people start asking,
"When is she coming back?" At her last appearance, every single person I spoke to said they would come and
see her again and even bring people they know. Obviously, I strongly recommend Ardyce West. She's a
profound and insightful messenger.
~ Reverend Shaun Furlong
Pueblo Divine Science Center
Pueblo, Colorado

"I would like to personally recommend Ardyce West as a workshop facilitator. She presented The Path of the
Sacred Self workshop to my community in May, 2019. Her deep wisdom coupled with her relatable stories
and style made her message relevant. People in the workshop reported that the activities and discussion
deepened their understanding of themselves and the way Spirit works through them. Several people reported
breakthroughs in their lives and all reported being inspired by her personal stories and insights. I
whole-heartedly recommend her workshops."
~ Rev. Jay Lang, Sr. Minister
Center for Spiritual Living Napa Valley

"I immediately enrolled when the registration opened for the workshop "You Are the Sacred Way" presented
by Ardyce West. I was not only interested in the topic, but I admire how Ardyce always comes from an
authentic place of heart. She shared some very personal aspects of her own life including how not just one,
but her two near death experiences impacted her outlook on life. I listened intently, and I was move deeper in
my own appreciation for life. I was reminded how my own life would be sacred in every moment if I chose to
live in the loving authentic way that truly is Ardyce West.
"Ardyce's presentation to a full house had each of us bonding in a personal way through our own
opportunities to share and reflect in a compassionate, safe setting. I feel each participant was impacted in a
positive and personal way; I know I was. Ardyce presented simple truths, spiritual qualities, and how one
might appreciate, and experience the gift of life itself. I look forward to attending Ardyces' next presentation
regardless of the topic she chooses to present."
~ Steve Kindsfather, RScP and ministerial student

"This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended."  
~Barbara Barrett, RScP
Alchemy is believed to be an ancient process by which an alchemist turned base metals into gold.
However, the alchemy of Spirit is a seemingly magical process of spiritual transformation, whereby
miraculous results occur when one is aligned with God. It's where one can easily find the golden
thread of truth, simply by returning home to oneself again.  

In this book, Ardyce West shares many of her mystical experiences where time and space expanded
beyond the norm of everyday life, beginning with her two near-death-experiences. Join her in each
chapter through her spectacular artwork, storytelling, guided meditations, and blessings, which
may be used for individual spiritual growth, or in a group process, over several weeks.

Enjoy, as you become an Alchemist!
Alchemy of Spirit is the companion piece to Ardyce West's popular workshop of
the same name.  Workshop attendees may use this book as a reference guide