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Ardyce West is an author and Spiritual Practitioner for United Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado. She
provides spiritual guidance and counseling for individuals and speaks to groups on many topics including
surrender, forgiveness, healing, women's issues, domestic abuse, death and dying, and grieving. She teaches
classes on the subject of healing, forgiveness and well-being, and has led workshops and chaired large
retreats for multi-faceted healing conferences.  For more information click the contact link below.
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Continuum Book One
Writer and artist Sophia Delaney has led an average life of mixed fortune. Now
divorced and coping with the recent death of her enigmatic father, Sophia is asking
the inevitable mid-life questions of mortality and existence. Then everything changes
in a split second on a rain-slick highway. Sophia’s car hurtles into the median, and
for a brief moment, she leaves her body and enters the mystical ethers of no time and
no space, where otherworldly entities welcome her and give her a choice: to join the
afterlife with an assurance of eternality, or return to reconcile a life not yet fully lived.
Sophia chooses to return, and from that moment on, only one thing is certain - she
will never be the same.

Since the accident, persistent dreams of a young woman in ancient Greece haunt
Sophia, leading her to seek the counsel of White Buffalo, a Lakota shaman who tells
her that her near-death experience opened her spirit to her eternal life; that her
visions are a portal to her many past lives. But there is more. White Buffalo has been
waiting for Sophia to come to him, for she is possessed of great healing powers
unlocked by her epiphany that she was the Greek woman of her vision – the original
Delphic Oracle.

White Buffalo presents her with an ancient chalice and eternal flame passed through
generations of his Lakota ancestry; a sacred chalice once held by the original Oracle
herself. Empowered by the talismanic chalice, Sophia embarks on a journey through
visions of other past lives, leading her to a mystical enclave of fellow travelers in this
life who have intertwined throughout their collective eternal existence dedicated to
Apeiros – the eternal, endless expansion - the cause of unity and measure of all things.
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Well... I thought I had an idea what the book was about, but I really didn't know ... therefore I was genuinely
thrilled! Ardyce West is an amazing writer! Rich, dense, expressive, captivating... you really have to take your
time to read her story in order to grasp all that she is saying, because it is so much more than a story. It is
about life changing paradigm shifts in how you can view life, yourself and everyone around you. I loved
reading about Sophia's unfolding awareness of her past lives and how they not only impacted her "here and
now", but the impact she realizes they will have on her future. The depth in which Ardyce described ancient
pasts were so detailed, as if you were there with Sophia - plus I learned a thing or two. I loved how her
current life and soul were bared raw for us to see and share - to rejoice and to cry with her. Sophia and
Michael's interactions and sweet, funny, deep love made my heart smile. She did such an amazing job of
weaving everything together, bringing surprises as well as clarity. I would highly recommend this wonderful
masterpiece to anyone! It doesn't matter what one's belief system is, it will be a worthwhile read for sure! I'm
excited to read her sequel when it comes out!
- Jasper

I loved this book! There were two journeys that took place. Sophia's amazing trek that came from the
powerful descriptive words read within this book and my own expedition that I took with her. Sophia is a
woman that is coming into and owning her power. She crosses continents as well as centuries through past
lives on this remarkable self-discovery! What she finds is healing, not just for her but for this world. I love
how this book confirms the importance of following one's calling and intuition, Ardyce West's character of
Sophia affirms this and more!
- Jewels

This author has a way of writing that is spellbinding and poetic, full of spiritual wisdom and insight which
directly positivity impacted my life through this book. It is a page turner and her use of words and highly
developed plot is captivating. So looking forward to the next book!
- S. Walsh

I found myself being Sophia her story is mine. It's like the author Ardyce West channeled me and my journey!
Truly has me engaged. I don't prefer to read unless I have something I connect to and wow, Apeiros is
connecting to me. AWESOME!
- Carol

This book reached out & grabbed me from chapter 1! It was hard to put down, I took my time with it &
enjoyed doing so because it was so engaging, it allowed me to reflect on my own life too, which was
unexpected. Getting to know the characters was fascinating, I loved the true historical references - it's just a
very special read. It's wonderful when an author can touch readers at many different levels and leave them
with take aways, should they so choose - can't wait for volume 2.
- mtntina

I loved this book! The words of Ardyce West were so vivid and rich that I felt I was experiencing the amazing
life that her characters were living. After reading this book, I became more thoughtful that there is more to
this world than our senses can perceive.
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