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Ardyce West is an author and Spiritual Practitioner for United Centers for Spiritual Living in Colorado. She
provides spiritual guidance and counseling for individuals and speaks to groups on many topics including
surrender, forgiveness, healing, women's issues, domestic abuse, death and dying, and grieving. She teaches
classes on the subject of healing, forgiveness and well-being, and has led workshops and chaired large
retreats for multi-faceted healing conferences.  For more information click the contact link below.
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Continuum Book Two
AETERNALIS is the second book in the metaphysical
Continuum Series by Ardyce West

Sophia’s metaphysical journey through her many past lives leads to the
startling revelation of a family she never knew existed. Empowered by her
newfound ability to pull back the veils of time and space, Sophia learns the
truth about the mother she never knew, and the dark secret her enigmatic
father took to his grave. Sophia embarks on a quest for understanding and
forgiveness as the Order of Apeiros unites in Colorado, introducing her to
widely diverse and delightful people who share a common purpose. As
Sophia learns more about her mysterious past, a persistent vision
transports her to the fateful maiden voyage of the
RMS Titanic, where she
found true love and spiritual calling on a passage into destiny.
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I wrote a review on Ardyce West's first Continuum book Apeiros because it was just *that good* and I felt I
had to say a word or two. I ended with saying that I was excited to read her sequel. Here I am again after
completing the 2nd Continuum book, Aeternalis. I'm so excited to let everyone know that it was amazingly
good! She truly is gifted in how she writes, painting vivid layers of her story as she sweeps you along
through twists and surprises - keeping your interest to the point that you just don't want to stop reading. It
was so good to be back with Sophia and Michael as well as those so close to them (not giving any spoilers).
There was such a wonderful flow and rhythm as I found myself laughing, moved to tears, smiling and feeling
awed by the spiritual insight that is key to the story as well as each one of us. She has clearly done some
intense research in order to incorporate detailed historic events with the weaving of her characters and depth
of their lives from the past, masterfully keeping it rich and fascinating. Now I will wait again in anticipation
for the next Continuum of the series, to lose myself in the lives of these wonderful characters I feel I've come to
know and love.
- Jasper

I had the pleasure of reading this book over vacation, what a read! I'm hooked and cannot wait for the next
one. Definitely pick up this series, highly recommend.
- S. Cobbon

Ardyce writes with such detail that it is hard to put the book down. She takes you to places in history with
her characters and describes scenes with such clarity. I can't wait for her next book in the series!!
- Judy

Amazing! Ardyce West is a master storyteller. Such a compelling book! This book is a "can't put down". The
author tells a story you think you might know something about in a new, spell-binding way, painting
excellent pictures for the readers and with fabulously developed characters. I love how the reader is taken on
an insightful journey - like no other. Buy this book - you'll be glad you did!
- S. Walsh

What a delightful and fascinating multi-level journey in Ardyce West's new book. Her descriptions and
dialogue brought me fully into the experience of the historical period as well as the modern day story. Just as
her character, Sophia, had these moments of imagining herself in another time, I did also. After reading this
book I felt the depth of my life was expanded because I had experienced such an profound life with the
characters in this book. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
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